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2014 is here, and our customers keep bringing us success stories about using our products.

Here are just a few!


Our first report came in from the Paso Robles area of California stating that they had their best production of Olives EVER; in a year with very low rainfall totals.

The second report was from a grower in the North County of San Diego in California. This grower reported a 10 to 12% increase in Grape production this season in our treated fields. These same fields received only 4 inches of rain this year as compared to 7.5 inches last season.

Our third and most amazing 2013 success was from one of our brand new growers in Ventura Country, Southern California. Using LFI soil and plant products on 66,000 cabbage heads, we were able to increase plant growth in all measured environments. The overall results indicate that the treated cabbage heads had 17.5% greater average size, 27.5% greater average root length, and 31.1% greater average weight as compared to the non-treated cabbages. Read about the entire project HERE!


In January 2013 LEAP FROG INDUSTRIES (LFI) represented the United Sates Of America at the sixth World Future Energy Summit and the Inaugural International Water Summit (IWS) which were co-located at the Abu Dhabi, UAE National Exhibition Center from January 15 – 17, 2013 as the centerpieces of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (13 -17 January 2013) was the largest sustainability event in the history of the Middle East and we at LFI brought our sustainability products from soil amendments and protocols as well as our water desalination equipment to this show!


November was the end of the season for our grape growers in California!
Those that had Leap Frog Industries supporting them had a fantastic Year in 2012 and we now have everyone calling us for next season! Just look at what Grower Jason just emailed after he found out how well Leap Frog products work:

“I really want to give the product a real test this year. Let me know what your protocol is going to be next year. Also, let me know what this program is going to cost me per acre for this season. I need to put this into my budget and make sure I can afford it.”

And why shouldn’t he? Just look at the lack of water run off after 10 hours of continuous watering! All the water goes to the root zones.
This could be your grove where you have larger volumes of product and at the same time save 25 to 30% of your water. Further, salts are remediated during our process.

Contact us today to find out how your next crop can be larger and use less water getting it!