Odor Control

Odor Eliminator Formula
This powerful enzyme technology has been used as the chore technology to formulate food-grade odor eliminating products (OEPs). And, unlike common competitors found on grocery store shelves, these odor eliminating products are not masking agents or simple cover ups. These OEPs turn the offending odors into non-toxic, innocuous compounds.
These OEPs eliminate odors from pet waste and urine (the  most effective urine odor eliminator on the market); smoke of all types, including cigarette smoke; cooking odors like fish and onions; sour milk; flatulence; incontinence; foot odor; mold and mildew odors; coffee; petroleum odors like gasoline and diesel; and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) among many other smells. These OEPs can completely eliminate skunk odor.
The difference from current branded products is significant and marketable. These OEPs
Are natural and made from high quality food-grade ingredients
Safe – the only food-safe odor eliminator available, can’t harm people or pets
Effective – instantly eliminates all organic odors and some  inorganic odors
Fast – works immediately on contact with odor-causing compounds
Permanent – eliminates odors by breaking molecular bonds; not a mask or cover-up
Eco-friendly – will not deplete the ozone layer, and it can be safely used around and even on – people, pets, and in the kitchen.

These OEPs are safe even around exotic animals like birds and reptiles. They are safe for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities and can be used in kitchens to eliminate cooking smells, and in the sink, disposal, and garbage cans to eliminate food-waste odors. This OEP technology is the only product that can be used in this manner around food.
These OEPs can be applied in a variety of ways to permanently eliminate the source of odors. Application methods include spraying; fogging larger rooms and outdoor areas, and fogging even into HVAC systems. They can be injected into carpets, sofa padding, and car seats and mopped and sponged onto porous surfaces like concrete and wood. Also, these formulas work synergistically with cleaning detergents to eliminate odors during carpet cleaning, clothes washing, sponging, and mopping.
Here are just a few of the ways these OEPs are currently being used:
        Carpet odor elimination for urine odor removal and more
         Smoke odor elimination in cars, hotels, and homes
         Cigarette and cigar odor elimination
         Skunk; all animals including in the eyes, ears, and mouth of pets
         Flavor odor removal in food plants
         Marine and boat bilge and holding tank odor removal
         Baby, nursery, and child care odor removal
         Laboratory and hospital lab solvent toxicity reduction
         Mold and mildew odor and odor elimination in buildings  
         Nursing home and adult care home odor elimination
         Gasoline and diesel fume elimination (including auto exhaust odors)
         Vomit odor clean up
         Sports equipment deodorizing     
         Carpet mold and mildew smell cleanup
         Hotel room deodorizing – including smoke
         Auto, boat, RV, fishing and camping odor elimination
         Laundry deodorizing
         Ammonium chloride elimination in air and soil remediation
Ÿ         Body odor control for TMAU sufferers