LFI Soil Amendments

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Decrease your Water use
Develop Stronger root zones
Break down clay soils in 90 to 120 days
Produce more product
Reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides
Bring your product to market sooner
Decrease your use of fertilizers
Retain water in Sandy soils
Encapsulate the salts in your soils Immediately
All of our Soil Amendment and Microbial soil enhancement products are available in sizes to accommodate your specific needs from 2.5 or 5 gallon pails, 30 or 55 gallon drums and 275 Gallon Totes.
Whether your needs are for industrial, residential, commercial or agricultural uses, we will assist you in calculating correct volumes, develop proper protocol procedures and even visit your location if necessary to satisfy your  application needs.
More than two decades ago researchers at the University of Hawaii working to develop natural medical remedies discovered a compound that not only held exciting implications for the health field, but also proved to be an efficient, 100 percent organic treatment solution for both home septic systems and commercial and municipal waste-water treatment facilities.
And the very best part of the story; We know that these products are the most environmentally responsible way to eliminate odors, solids, grease and eliminate the need for other costly treatment techniques.
All of our products are non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive and are made of 100% organic materials which are 100% biodegradable.
Our non-chemical, biologically friendly product line includes:
  • Soil Stimulant LFI100
  • Soil Salt Remediation Salt Content less than 1000 ppm LFI 286 Plus
  • Soil Salt Remediation for High Salt Content Soils LFI 500
  • Golf Course Fairy Ring Treatment Protocol
  • Microbial Solutions
  • Humic Solutions
  • Hydrocarbon Spill Solutions
  • Fracking water Solutions

LFI 100 XL Soil Conditioner is driven by LFI’s natural Activated Humic Acid Carboxx combined with our enhanced plant and soil beneficial microbes. This formula increases natural organic structure while enhancing biological activity, detoxifies soil from salt and pesticide residues, accelerates root development, protects plants and soils against pathogenic diseases, and converts nutrients into available forms so that they can be transported from the soil into the cell membrane of the plant.

  • A proprietary humic acid extract
  • Blend of N-P-K Nutrients
  • A blend of essential soil microbes
  • A patented microbial biostimulant
Scientific analysis of soils treated with slow-release, salt-based fertilizers and low-volume chemicals reveal the deficiency of beneficial microbes, and expose the true fragility of ecosoil environments. This product is scientifically designed to restore and maintain naturally beneficial microbial colonies in multiple soil environments.
LFI 100 is engineered with ten enhanced plant beneficial soil microbe families and is assimilated by plants on a cellular level. This advanced formula increases natural biological activity, detoxifies soil from contaminants, accelerates root development for critical nutrient storage, protects against pathogenic diseases, and transports valuable nutrients from the soil into the cell membrane of the plant. OMRI Certified Organic.
LFI 286 Plus is a proprietary humified soil extract with the nine essential soil microbe families included in the formulation. The product works by providing an organic substructure with an extremely high ion exchange capacity that the Na++ and Cl- ions can bind and be charged neutralized (via an ionic bond). The carbon chain then becomes a food supply for the natural soil and product’s adjunct microbes, which over time dissipates the salts. Special enzymes significantly increase the degradation process by facilitating the transfer and uptake of nutrient by the microbial population. The biological process is enhanced and accelerated by Byo-Gon biostimluation technology.
Huma-Boost: a unique humic solution that may enhance micro-nutrient uptake. Huma-Boost can be used on golf courses, sod farms, athletic fields, pastures, and agricultural crop production. OMRI Certified Organic.
Bio-Regen HC CLEAR™ utilizes a new non-staining approach to solving hydrocarbon spills. Specially formulated for safety, effectiveness and environmentally friendliness, Bio-Regen HC CLEAR™ utilizes a blend of an ultra high concentration of live synergistic bacteria and a readily biodegradable natural amino acid complex consisting of a nutrient-rich extract with a broad-spectrum package of identifiable amino acids, co-enzymes, and other proteins.
Bio-Regen Hydrocarbon utilizes a new approach to solving soil and water hydrocarbon contamination problems with limited oxygen levels. Specially formulated for performance in aerobic, anaerobic and facultative environments, BR Hydrocarbon utilizes a special recipe of three distinct yet synergistic components, a blend of activated humic acid, a ultra high concentration of live synergistic bacteria, and a readily biodegradable natural amino acid complex consisting of a nutrient-rich extract with a broad-spectrum package of identifiable amino acids and other proteins.
                                 *EPA-NCP Product Schedule Listed
LFI Salt Away 500: Treatment for Sodium & Heavy Metals in Soil and Waste-water is a 100% natural patented, propriety humified soil extract which contains a pharmaceutical-grade humate molecule and nine essential soil microbes and essential enzymes. This is the newest treatment that combines two, next generation, organic bio-polymers. This uniquely blended product possess the following properties and functions; optimal molecular mass, active functional groups, hydrophilic and hydrophobic sites, positively and negatively charged sites, non-ionic sites, and specific interactions between molecules themselves and organic/mineral compounds. The combination of these diverse properties and functions provide a product that utilizes multiple functions and mechanisms to detoxify, neutralize, bind, and convert a myriad of toxic metals to benign residual metals.
Our proprietary and patented manufacturing process unleashes unparalleled performance that address most of the potential effects that excess sodium and heavy metals will have in
all soil and waste-water applications
The product performance is accelerated with our LFI biostimulant. The high cation exchange capacity of the humified soil extract molecules attaches to the salt ions to the carbon chain through a chelation bonding process. The microbes and enzymes ensure the breakdown of the Na-Cl bond and catalyze the permanent, ionic bond to the organic molecule. Microbes and enzymes break portions of the organic chain with resulting ionic bonds becoming encapsulated within the organic structure. LFI biostimulant speeds up the rate and efficiency of the biological portion of the process. This product does NOT reposition salt, it eliminates it in a much quicker and more cost effective manner than other remediation options.
H2O Restore is the latest innovative technology for the treatment of fracking, coal seam gas, and mining waste-water. H2O Restore was scientifically formulated to lower sodium and metal levels/toxicity; reduce Electrical Conductivity and Total Suspended Solids, and remediate residual hydrocarbons. H2O Restore is designed for the treatment of the waste-water generated through fracking operations, coal seam gas exploration and mining that contains various levels of sodium, trace metals, hydrocarbons, and all by-products of the exploration efforts. The treatment of these waters can be completed by injection at the point of generation and/or at the holding tanks or ponds. Effective treatment can be successfully completed using multiple methods within the current disposal structure already in use with limited need for additional equipment or staff.
LFI Microbial Solutions are advanced microbial products that have two distinct advantages over other microbial products. The principal advantages our blend offers is diversity of composition and size. We have identified that the largest biological component in soil is single cell bacteria. For this reason we have carefully selected six specific Bacillus genuses while including multiple species of each to create a very diverse microbial package. We also discovered that the current competitive products often contain between 30 and 40 billion microbes per gallon. 3 Tier then created our microbial package to be concentrated with 100 billion colony forming units per gallon, nearly a four-fold increase! Not only do we have an initial size advantage, we also established another critical advantage through our all-natural, proprietary, sugar-based preservative package, allowing the microbes to awake easily when mixed with water. This non-chemical preservative process converts to a valuable food source for exponential growth of microbes once diluted. Our concentrated, specially-selected microbes are strong enough to correct chemical and microbial imbalances and regenerate soils to a healthy state.