Leap Frog has been in the Industrial Water business since 1986. Initially working in the Pharmaceutical and Ultra Pure Industrial water Today we have an entire division of the company devoted to all aspects of the water industry ranging form agricultural water water supplies to Desalination  equipment. We can design, build, install and maintain your water equipment.
Small or Large, we Specialize in Containerized Desalination equipment
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Here are a few examples of our specialized Containerized  Desalination Plants:
From the Worlds Smallest Desalination Plant like our:


  • can run on solar/wind hybrid power system
  • or can run on gas/natural gas/propane (engine driven design)
  • Great for beach homes, boats, yachts, or for emergency response.
  • 70 to 200 GPD
  • Starting as low $3880 Retail for 70 GPD
  • Perfect for all boats that need a continuous supply of fresh water!
  1. Produces safe drinking water directly from the sea
  2. Pre-Filtration System – removes sediment and particles from feed water
  3. High Pressure Corrosion Resistant Membrane Housing
  4. AC/DC Motor on Standard Models
  5. Combustion Engine (Gasoline, Propane, Natural Gas) Driven Models are Also Available
  6. Corrosion Resistant Frame
  7. 316 Stainless Steel High Pressure Pump
  8. 316L Stainless Steel High Pressure Piping
  9. User Friendly Operation and Installation
  10. 20″ (L) x 12″(W) x 12″(H), less than 50 Lbs
  11. 51 cm (L) x 31 cm (W) x 31 cm (H), less than 22 kg
The LFI Solar Powered Mobile High EfficiencyReverse Osmosis Seawater Desalination System(<3.7kwh/M, 40‐50% less energy consumption than a conventional system)           
Manufactured and tested in, California, USA. Only the highest quality components areincorporated in our products. These components include FILMTEC membranes, Allen Bradley or
Siemens PLC, Siemens/ABB contactors, super duplex stainless steel pump, high grade stainless steel piping and fittings. With decades of experience in water treatment equipment, Leap Frog Industries has provided thousands of installations around the world. Leap Frog Industries is able to offer products with the highest durability and the best value on the market.
The high energy efficiency of the system is made possible by the utilization of our unique energy recovery device, which capture the normally wasted high brine pressure in a small RO system to reduce the motor power consumption, using wasted mechanical energy to reduce electrical consumption. In addition to the superior efficiency, our systems are also built to work on continuous duty. The durability has been proven by many of our installations around the
world, under harsh environment, over the last two decades.  Combined with mobile solar generator which is mounted on a 16’ trailer, the complete mobile  solar powered desalination system can produce drinking water quality water from the ocean,  rivers, brackish well water sources, streams, and lakes.
Operation Parameters: Feed water TDS < 43,000 ppm Product Water TDS < 500 ppm Feed Water temperature between 4°C – 35°C Working Pressure range: 200psi‐950 psi Standard Features:  · High quality solar panels  · 16’ trailer mounted design (Units can be delivered without the trailer) · Built in battery bank for up to 24 hour operation  · Inverter  · Intelligent battery charger controller  · Automatic operation  · PLC control  · Low and high pressure protection  · Feed water solenoid valve  · 25 micron sediment filter 
How about our:
Leap Frog Industries (LFI)
Containerized Seawater Desalination Plants

(1) Traditional, large industrial scale seawater RO plants are heavy and require complex civil construction and engineering. It takes a much longer time, is expensive to design, fabricate, transport, install, and maintain a build in place Desalination plant verses a modular, containerized Leap Frog Industries SWRO plant.

(2) With Leap Frog Industries, it is possible to have many containerized sea water RO desalination plants working in parallel to produce the required amount of water, rather than having just one large industrial plant. Such configurations have the following benefits:
  • Simple to construct seawater intake system by drilling several small beach wells for water intake. This way the intake system is simpler, cheaper, easier to maintain. Feed water is also cleaned by natural sand filtration
  • The LFI containerized SWRO plants design utilize lower recovery ratio than standard SWRO design, which leads to longer membrane life and less chemical consumption.
  • Instead of a high flow “river” of salt brine reject from an industrial SWRO plant, Our modular system can dispense the brine over a wider area, which allows the seawater to quickly dilute the brine, reducing negative impact to the environment.
  • No buildings are required. Saving construction time and building cost. Our LFI modular containerized systems operate in fully automatic mode. As an option, remote control and monitoring system is available.
  • The plants can be spread out in a wide area and harmonize in to the beach landscape, instead of, one big industrial SWRO plant that may negatively interrupt the coastline view.
  • Each modular unit system can be serviced and maintained individually without causing much reduction in total water production.
  • Redundancy allows continuous supply of water even if one or two modules fail unexpectedly.
  • Modular units cost much less than comparable sized industrial SWRO plant due to assembly line style manufacturing process.
  • Short startup time, because each module is pre-tested prior to shipping.
  • Less installation cost, because less labors and fewer labor hours are required at installation site.
  • The LFI SWRO plant has the flexibly to increase or decrease production volume by adding or removing SWRO modules.
  • High energy efficiency. Our LFI Containerized SWRO plant includes one multi-stage centrifugal pump, One High Pressure Booster (HPB) and a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as one set of high pressure pumping unit, making it one of the top quality, quietest and most efficient high pressure pump units available on the market today.

(3)   Power consumption at 36,000 ppm, 25ºC for 1000 TPD is 3.5 kwh/M3 or less.

(4)We provide you with a Short delivery time.
Let Leap Frog Industries build your next Desalination Plant. Weather you need one or 100 units; the advantages are numerous and the cost is in your budget!