Industrial Water

Our Industrial water division serves any location in need of Water Filtration, Conditioning, Water Transfer Stations, Desalination systems Reverse Osmosis equipment, DI and WFI systems.  Our systems can be designed for municipal water or well water supplies.
We can provide the equipment, system protocols, SOPs and technical staffing for industrial water equipment in need of design, repair, sanitization, modification, or replacement.

We can also show you how to eliminate the need for water softeners while retaining the benefits of no scaling on your boilers and other water systems, saving you water, energy, and money in the process.
We’ll show you how to modify your existing equipment to use less floor space. If you have contamination, high TOC or biological growth, we can remove and clean it up.
The Industrial division can also assists farmers and ranchers in developing more efficient use of their existing water supplies as well as with water storage and distribution systems.
For Dairy, Poultry and Municipal wastewater ponds, we provide protocols, odor control, eliminate sludge build-up in Wastewater Ponds.
Whatever your needs, Leap Frog Industries is willing and able to assist you.
Please contact us here for custom designed assistance for your needs.